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: Obedience, Agility, and Working Sports

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  1. Flyball Questions!
  2. Are dobes good running partners?
  3. Doberman obedience training
  4. Canine Good Citizen
  5. Agility Question
  6. Cherryomb, UD!
  7. First time at the (French) Ring Club with Nadia
  8. Video: Riddick at Puppy Agility Class
  9. Boon & Tricia = New Therapy Dog Team!!
  10. Mondioring Championships live stream
  11. Utility Almosts...
  12. Training Group in the Lake Charles area?
  13. Brag time
  14. Obedience without aversives
  15. Need help in finding a training group in Va or Md.
  16. NEW IPO DVG Club in North Texas (w/Dobermanns!)
  17. Looking for a positive training only working dog club in North Texas
  18. Anyone going to the Agility Championship in Tulsa?
  19. Working dogs - opinions please
  20. Motko's new director
  21. What should I look for?
  22. Making a Nosework kit
  23. Congrats to Gretchen
  24. Doberman Running Endurance Question
  25. Siegers working Ipo, is a fraud?
  26. Tracking and Nosework Conflicitng?
  27. How much drive does your Doberman have?
  28. What Obedience class?
  29. Bite Training??
  30. Hey guys! Basic Obedience Questions
  31. 2016 Training Wish List
  32. Unsucessful at trying to join working group
  33. lure coursing
  34. 1st lesson in Schutzhund Obedience
  35. What type of obedience should be taught in first year of Schutzhund pup?
  36. when everything goes wrong (agility video)
  37. Which Title to shoot for with a working line dobie
  38. Bite work harness recommendations
  39. Nose Work Update
  40. Host Hotel in Lancaster
  41. Chicago Dog Class for Agility?
  42. Thanks For The Memories
  43. First NASCW class
  44. Looking for French Ring work trainer in San Francisco Bay are
  45. Dog Parkour
  46. AKC Agility Invitational
  47. Is there a minimum age to wait before starting?
  48. Working with the soft temperament doberman
  49. Cadaver Containers
  50. How can I contact Landgraf kennel?
  51. WAE and Z factor
  52. Brandy's Element Trial Pictures
  53. Video of Dobermann Police Dogs in Russia (Early 1900's)
  54. Another Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in Huntington Beach, CA
  55. Creed's 2nd IPO workshop
  56. Obedience vs Agility
  57. Schutzhund & Obedience trainers in South FL
  58. Some Bellatrix work photos
  59. DPCA agility at Lancaster
  60. Ripley's first Barn Hunt Instinct test.
  61. Nov b
  62. Looking for used Agility Equipment.
  63. Sieger Show
  64. Changes to AKC obedience rules
  65. Obedience Training Manual
  66. Bite Work Advice
  67. Fenzi Sports Academy - Confirmation
  68. Loose leash walking vs competitive heeling
  69. Agility Questions For A Beginner
  70. Too much pulling
  71. IPO clubs in northern California?
  72. fun match
  73. Civil Protection Work
  74. New KNPV Dobermann, Colonel Cajo vom Schlossrudwalde
  75. Registering for PAL
  76. Upcoming Rally and Obedience trials
  77. dobermans for coyote decoy dog use
  78. Feeding vs. Class time
  79. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
  80. What would he be best doing?
  81. which direction to go?
  82. Agility starter kit
  83. Southwest FL Obedience
  84. brain games
  85. Sar
  86. So bummed, no lure coursing in our area :(
  87. 2015 Training Wish List
  88. Awesome pic of Jessie Lure Coursing
  89. Boon's new title!
  90. I Never Would Have Thought It Possible
  91. Nose work and other trainings
  92. Cairo going into semi-retirement...
  93. V retrieve on the flat
  94. Unfair judging at rally trial: can I file a complaint?
  95. Frist Title UCD
  96. Why I train with who I train with..Lance Collins and Gabi Hoffman WUSV 2014
  97. Nose work resources
  98. IPO Regional in OR Oct 25-26
  99. First protection workshop
  100. Earning a CD title, how can we get there?
  101. New Lure Coursing Title for Jessie
  102. Liked to get my dog into sch. training in indiana
  103. Agility National 2014
  104. Changing the Rules
  105. London start agility "training"
  106. First Doberman RATS Ever !!
  107. Achieved our PCD title this weekend!
  108. I Thought Someone Might Be Interested
  109. Canadian Nationals GSSCC
  110. IPO dry spell ends
  111. Wally, Jules and Cheers update! I am busy!
  112. Limiting family and stranger interaction??
  113. Schutzhund club in Lexington KY
  114. SchH trainers in Dallas??
  115. Respnse to Canadian Parliament efforts to ban remote collars by Dr. Gabi Hoffmann
  116. So Proud!!! My Jessie passed the WAE today
  117. Prey drive development in Dobermans???
  118. Benno Galonska workshop Oct 3-5, 2014
  119. Richter passed his WAE
  120. Massachusetts WAC
  121. Schutzhund club near Beverly Hills/Los Angeles Area
  122. Too late to start Schutzhund?
  123. Perrin Dock Diving! New title :)
  124. Beginner- need advice for tracking.
  125. Future of competing in working events overseas with a c/d dog
  126. IDC 2014 Weltmeisterschaft short recap
  127. Agility Training Classes durham
  128. MCWDC SPRING FLING May 24th and 25th - Results
  129. Heeling tip for newbies (rally/obedience)
  130. dear cherry...
  131. WAE and Temperament Seminar MN June 21
  132. Proofing contact behavior
  133. Detection work- where to start?
  134. Doberman Pinscher invited to Western Regional Purina Incredible Dog Challenge
  135. My girls practicing weave poles (pic heavy)
  136. The Barn Hunt Thread
  137. new CDX (with pics and video!)
  138. Schutzhund - Nature or Nurture
  139. In need of SoCal doberfriends
  140. Protection Dog (cute Easter video)
  141. Good books on Schutzhund or IPO training?
  142. Photos of Scent Workshop and Trials!
  143. How much would you pay?
  144. Freddie got her UD!
  145. Leg 3 to day ud weeeeeeeeeeee
  146. Our very first Q, EVER
  147. I'd like to get into Schutzhund
  148. WAE Question
  149. AKC National obedience, agility and rally championships in Harrisburg, PA
  150. Lack of Working Character
  151. Almost time for graduation!
  152. small brag
  153. Scent detection.
  154. Information on Nose work
  155. Who else does Schutzhund with there Dobe/Puppy. (pic)
  156. Interest in training.
  157. NACSW Registration
  158. We're Ready for Tracking
  159. 22month old jumping up on handler at agility trials
  160. Fun match with the 10 month
  161. Which Fenzi class?
  162. Personal Protection in or near Toronto area?
  163. Getting ready for rally
  164. WAE Question
  165. Austin, TX working sports
  166. Michael Ellis--anyone ever taken a class at his school?
  167. Protection Training with No Club
  168. 2 day Lance Collins Seminar in California March 23&24
  169. Tracking Practice
  170. Schutzhund Evolving
  171. Denise Fenzi?
  172. Florida agility
  173. Staying focused during agility course...
  174. Fixing a rock back sit - be careful what you ask for
  175. Tamora Mach 7 & Update
  176. Who are the performance breeders?
  177. New IPO club in San Antonio
  178. 2014 ZTP in USA
  179. Need help with handling skills (nose work)
  180. Cherrybomb goes HIT :)
  181. Lottie & Elsie went coursing today!
  182. videos of our last show!
  183. Idc wm 2014
  184. Anyone use a spring pole?
  185. Nose Work!!!!!!
  186. Louisiana working dogs
  187. Anyone going to the AKC Dog Show in Fredericksburg, VA this weekend?
  188. Rally for Grizz!
  189. Connecticut schutzhund
  190. Biting wires?
  191. Northern Virginia/DC Metro area Obedience, Tracking & schutzhund Events?
  192. Sit platform for obedience finishes
  193. The Big 50
  194. New Tracking Dog
  195. Beginner Novice B at 7 months Q
  196. Chase earned some ribbons over the weekend :)
  197. Lure coursing CA
  198. Hunterdon K-9 Center?
  199. Gemma's take on Rally
  200. Mario Verslype seminar in CA
  201. Where my Rally peeps at?
  202. Going to a Competition OB Seminar Tomorrow: "Ask the Judges". What would you ask?
  203. Teaching your dog to correctly jump
  204. general schutzhund question
  205. The Nose Work Journal
  206. We passed our ORT!!!
  207. Trianing diaries/logs etc.
  208. DPCA points
  209. Brandy and I Passed the Birch ORT Today!
  210. Nosework- Pula to be Dog in White
  211. Pula's DPCA Nationals Small Brag
  212. DPCA National Agility Brag!
  213. Kaylee Lure Coursing Photo
  214. Quick Brag
  215. MCWDC sets 2014 workshop schedule with Waine Singleton
  216. Club member performances at the WUSV world championships
  217. Wustensturm-Kowalczyks
  218. Raleigh, NC-Working Dogs
  219. Will I get laughed out of Schutzhund?
  220. 3 Dobermans earn IPO 3 in one weekend!
  221. Richter passed his ORT (birch) yesterday!
  222. Agility nationals results
  223. A weekend spent chasing C.A.T.s (many pictures)
  224. Small brag
  225. Lucy Vom Landgraf At School
  226. We found a new training center..
  227. Richter earned his first title today!
  228. Temperament Test
  229. We earned our BN today!
  230. Article on Tail use in Agility
  231. Agility jumps and other equipment
  232. 2nd Round (w/photos)
  233. Remington Von Luka IPO1 pics
  234. Anyone else doing multiple sports with young dogs?
  235. Jackson's coursing photos
  236. NW Regional IPO Championships was won by a Doberman
  237. Sweaty, dirty and feeling accomplished!
  238. Beginner help
  239. WUSV Philadalphia anyone???
  240. New von Luka IPO1 this weekend!
  241. The Poppy Tracking Chronicles
  242. Richter went lure coursing! (With pics!)
  243. need an advice on dog sport training
  244. 2014 training wishlist
  245. Nosework 1 trial at Edwards, Col
  246. Schutzhund question
  247. Nervy working lines??
  248. Rogues training thread
  249. An embarrasing video...but here it goes,
  250. Our first Protection Workshop/Training (photos)