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  1. Transport needed in Louisiana
  2. heavy heartedly need to find an amazing forever home for my Dobby (UK based)
  3. T-Shirt Fundraiser!
  4. Female Dobie needs a home!
  5. 2 Beautiful Dobies Need a New Family
  6. Captain Needs Help
  7. Trey from Rock Hill, SC
  8. "Free to a Good Home"
  9. LOST dobie in Quesnel, BC
  10. 3 year old female in BC
  11. Sending an SOS for DRAW!
  12. Houston Area Doberman Rescue- Rambo needs sight
  13. Looking for a second dobe in Oregon
  14. Please help male in NC!!
  15. Best Doberman oriented rescue?
  16. Handsome! 4 yr old black male North Carolina
  17. PHARAOH Male, Red, 5yr, Alberta
  18. AVA 6mo, B&T, Natural, Alberta
  19. Flowers to Save Dobermans - Funds Support D.A.N.!
  20. Zoe AKA Angel, black female, Vancouver BC.
  21. Max is in Las Vegas
  22. Transport people
  23. Looking for Young Female Doby to adopt
  24. Breeders Beware Please!!!
  25. Beautiful dogs-art Collar to Benefit Dobes in Need! Helps D.A.N!
  26. Apollo - NJ
  27. Male Doberman in Toronto, ON
  28. Female Doberman in Cambridge, ON
  29. Red male in Colorado Springs
  30. Opening up our home for a Dobe.
  31. LF young adult in South East
  32. Rescue Help Needed ASAP
  33. Need Help ASAP in AZ
  34. Why would a rescue lie about...
  35. Male red dobie in Montreal, PQ, Montreal SPCA Emergency Shelter
  36. Duchess has been in rescue for over a year. She needs her forever home!
  37. TRANSPORT - Gulf coast resuce to Minnesota
  38. Black /tan male Doberman for adoption
  39. Looking for a rescue
  40. Transport help- people who can help
  41. Foster Needed in PA/NJ
  42. Four Doberman mix puppies
  43. Handsome male- looks decently bred! Livingston County, Mi
  44. Can anyone help this sick boy?
  45. Free AKC Doberman, Sick, Indianapolis, Help.
  46. Update on Davy Crockett
  47. Adult female - Lacombe, AB
  48. Black female - Alberta.
  49. Lover, from WV to IN
  50. Red Male - Quebec
  51. Rescue Male Wanted
  52. Bob 4ish male in NoCal
  53. Sam - Urgent - 8yr old boy in Texas
  54. Young girl in Caledon shelter..near Toronto
  55. Feamle - Montreal, QC
  56. Loving girl in SC shelter
  57. Meet Jinky - Nice black dober-mix boy in Ohio
  58. Male - Ontario
  59. Edmonton - Female, Black, young,
  60. beautiful girl in toronto
  61. sweet boy blk}tan in W.V. Has LIMITED time:((
  62. Georgeous female! - Caledon, ON
  63. Handsome senior boy, Toronto, ON
  64. Why?
  65. This Boy needs an experienced Foster or owner:))
  66. Senior Lady in Toronto H.S.
  67. dobie male, nelson. B.C.
  68. 5.5 month fearful female Dobie in CT
  69. Information on Tyson from Maple Ridge
  70. BC Craigslist
  71. Edith - Red Bluff, CA !
  72. Senior fm at toronto.ont. H.S.
  73. young Male Pitt Meadows BC
  74. WANTED: Adult Doberman good with kids. (North Vancouver, BC)
  75. Mya - Kamloops SPCA
  76. Help Support Hand Me Down Dobes in Ohio
  77. Newest member of DNRT (graphic pics)
  78. Doberman needs a new family
  79. Saw him on FB
  80. Do you think rescues should be held accountable for their actions?
  81. Doberman needs home in Riverside, CA
  82. 4yr old Doberboy on CL - VA
  83. Delia the Doberman- Black/Tan 2 years 6 months located in Vermont
  84. Pretty Girl - LeeLee - Female - 3 years old - NC
  85. DAN Flower Power Fundraiser (until 4/25/2014)
  86. Almost ready for adoption! Surrey BC....Prudence!
  87. Free male off craigslist
  88. rescue in BC
  89. Just saw Free Doberman mix on Craigslist--San Francisco
  90. Maple Ridge BC female in need
  91. Will the wonder dog needs a home. Location: Southern Ontario
  92. For Axel and all the Others
  93. Reputable Dobe rescue in Florida
  94. DAN transport help needed: cross posting
  95. Looking for a Dobie in Texas
  96. Female Dobe in Woodsfield, OH
  97. Red male adolescent, New Mexico
  98. Doberman (Mix but look purebred) PUPPIES Central IL
  99. Ontario Dobe Rescue
  100. DDR's Mission 6!
  101. Update on Strays Dobermans in Ontario????
  102. Male Dobe in Montgomergy County Shelter
  103. Ruth
  104. Black and Tan Female - Chilliwack SPCA.
  105. Another Young PA Dobe
  106. Anyone in Georgia? - CL Ad Free Female Dobe pup
  107. Diesel the Doberman in Elmira, NY
  108. Another PA Dobe
  109. Dogway Dog Resuce Society
  110. Looking for a dog in SoCal
  111. 3 year old c/d Doberman in Ontario, Canada
  112. (2) Female Dobies in Troy, NC
  113. need a home for justice
  114. URGENT - Lost Rescue Dobe in Chicago Area
  115. Very Young Male Dobe in Springfield, MO
  116. FOSTER in Doberman Rescue of the Triad
  117. Red Male in PA
  118. Please help getting doberman mix off the streets (austin tx)
  119. Doberman Rescue Page
  120. Newly adopted Dobe has medical emergency, can you help?
  121. Which rescue will help me??
  122. Year Old, Blue Dobe boy (Armani) Will be my foster baby..
  123. Urgent: Foster needed in Colorado
  124. Doberman puppy Vancouver 9 months needs adopter possibly foster
  125. Please read! Nice girl in NC!
  126. Female 9 month Vancouver
  127. Looking for a young female Breeder Rehome or Rescue in Southern Ontario
  128. Young Black Dobie at SPCA in NC
  129. Foster Home for Beautiful Black/Tan Male Needed
  130. 7 year old man for adoption in Illinois
  131. Young Male up for Adoption in BC
  132. Match Gift Opportunity - Benefits D.A.N.!
  133. One BIG happy family!!
  134. finding a good rescue
  135. 2 Dobermans in kill shelter. Amarillo, Tx
  136. Gorgeous 4yr old male needs home now
  137. a good article
  138. Handemade Quilt Benefits D.R.A.W. on Ebay!
  139. Young Black/Tan Male Natural Ears-Bloomsburg, PA
  140. Looking to Adopt in Virginia
  141. 2 yr red male, Edmonton, Alberta
  142. Somebody help this girl? Portland, OR area
  143. Young natural ear blue will be available through GCDR
  144. Looking to Adopt black/tan puppy (new england)
  145. 12 Days of Christmas - D.A.N. Raffle
  146. 8 yr, male, black & tan, Alberta, Canada
  147. 2014 D.A.N. Calendars Are Here!
  148. I need help to rehome
  149. Looking to adopt puppy or young red female Dobe, NE Indiana area
  150. Handsome boy in Toronto, ON
  151. A Many Thanks!
  152. 2 Sweet Girls Saved by DDR
  153. Bentley (red 8 mo pup) Pennsylvania
  154. Adopting Sat. from Ontario Dobe Rescue?
  155. Silas - Vancouver, BC Male Black/Tan Puppy
  156. An Amazon way to help rescues
  157. Thinking of adopting a rescue...
  158. ADORABLE Doberman Ornaments - Benefit D.A.N.
  159. NW Indiana Rescue has 2 Dobes Needing homes
  160. Looking for a forever home for my 13 month old boy Calgary, AB
  161. Help Doberman Assistance Network fundraising efforts
  162. Albino Female Can a rescue help her?
  163. Meet My New Foster(and a couple Saph pics)
  164. Experienced owner looking for smaller Female
  165. Need Help for Shelter Boy
  166. Home for my Dobies??
  167. A awsome day for a rescue dobe.
  168. Doberman for free - carefull
  169. Experienced & Looking for a female Dobie
  170. Sweetheart needs donations! (warning, picture graphic)
  171. Red rescue boy coming soon in Toronto, ON!
  172. Urgent Rescue in BC another Guardian Angel Margo Richard Dog
  173. Special Needs Dobermans Store Announces 6th Annual Fall Clothing Sale!!
  174. blk/tan male keswick, Ont.
  175. Tyson in Maple Ridge
  176. Can someone help this poor Craigslist pup? So California
  177. Female Cropped and Docked
  178. 1 Year old Black, Male C/D, South Bend Indiana
  179. 11 month, black/rust female, Pensacola area
  180. Kent County SPCA
  181. T-Shirts for DRAW
  182. Need transport help next weekend in Missouri!
  183. older black and tan dobie at shelter in Michigan
  184. Black and Tan Female - Chilliwack, BC !
  185. Dobe on Death Row Moreno Valley CA
  186. Friday the 13th
  187. Great Home, looking to adopt or rescue/Ont.
  188. How Many Fosters Do You Normally Keep At Once?
  189. B&T Male in Victoria BC.
  190. Alberta Doberman Rescue
  191. The Humane Society of Atlantic County - Female
  192. Meet Roxy!
  193. Cute Puppy Houston Texas
  194. Lovely Lily Looking for Long-term Relationship
  195. starving Dobe /Fl
  196. Red Male Doberman-TEXAS!
  197. A awesome day for one of my rescues!
  198. Charleston, SC - White dobe in local shelter
  199. Fm blk/tan in Que.
  200. Three beautiful girls going to Distinguished Dobermans
  201. B&T Male and Female - Penticton BC
  202. fawn puppy/ NY
  203. 8 year old male in Moreno Valley CA times up
  204. blue male/ gatineau, Que.
  205. 2yr old intact male in Nashville
  206. 5 yr. old Red Female - Kelowna BC
  207. All Natural Girl in need in Custer Park, IL !
  208. Blue 2 yr needs rehome
  209. IDR + 10th Anniversary Gala 9-7-13
  210. Adult black/tan Male - Delta, BC.
  211. Adult red/tan female - Delta, BC.
  212. Red Male On CL (South Carolina)
  213. 2 dobes in need
  214. Two male rescue Dobes in New Mexico
  215. She's Very Lucky
  216. Rescue and fostering
  217. Miami fl female 4yrs
  218. NEED help locating a rescue for arkansas
  219. Transport list email issues?
  220. WARNING - GRAPHIC PHOTOS! Samuel, used as a bait dog, needs our help!
  221. Male Dobe in NJ
  222. Foster homes needed!
  223. White Male Doberman
  224. Fawn neutered Dobie needs help
  225. Chester Springs, PA Female
  226. Someone have room for an old girl?
  227. 6 month old DOberman male on CL Rochester NY
  228. Closest Doberman Rescue to Owensound, on?
  229. Vancouver BC - young B/T Male!
  230. Albino male on Craigslist in San Diego
  231. Dobe in Ottawa Ontario
  232. Special Needs Puppy with Doberman Rescue MN
  233. Cropped, docked Dobe in TN!!!
  234. 5-6yo Female in Bernville
  235. Puppies born in Arizona
  236. Dobe Rescue in Virginia?
  237. New foster dog!
  238. Mark your calendars - Dobe-o-Rama is Sept. 14th!
  239. Southern Doberman Rescue is now up and running!
  240. Florida Rescues
  241. 2 yr old male in Downey CA
  242. Want to help Dobermans in need?
  243. Anyone familar with "Bridging the Worlds" rescue in NM?
  244. 5 month old cropped B&T boy at Baltimore SPCA
  245. Dani - Mammary Tumors, HW+ and Pregnant - Needs Your Help! (D.A.N. Dog)
  246. Beautiful Young Female in AZ Looking for a Doberman-Experienced Home
  247. 2 yr old Black and Rust female in PA up for adoption
  248. Anyone interested in an 8 yo red girl in Raleigh NC?
  249. Handsome red boy in Louisiana
  250. Mon Dieu!!! What a beautiful girl! (Michigan)