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  1. Female Dobie in Temecula, California
  2. Beautiful girl
  3. Fawn female in Nebraska
  4. My dog is a foster failure and i need help.
  5. South Carolina byb
  6. Female at Vancouver Animal Control
  7. California IPO trained Euro Dobe w special needs (temperament)
  8. red female and red male Abbotsford BC
  9. IDR + needs foster homes!!
  10. Red Senior girl in Manitoba...
  11. Lost his adopted home
  12. Dobe in shelter
  13. 7 month old red male Washington!
  14. Another 2yr old male
  15. 2yr old
  16. Beautiful Red girl in a kill shelter in Gardena, CA
  17. Doberman Mix Rescue on Craigslist, Upstate NY/ Vermont Area
  18. Renton area if anyone knows
  21. B&T Female East Kootenay BC 3 years old!
  22. 8 yr old B&T Female BC
  23. Litter of 9 Dobe pups Yakima Washington!
  24. Girl in Shelter Keller, TX
  25. Chester SC Rescues/Fosters
  26. We need some help for 54 dobermans in SC!!! Please spread the word
  27. Pet Rescue Rx
  28. Red/Tan Female - Cando, Saskatchewan
  29. And they called it Puppy Love....
  30. We have puppies!!!
  31. Adult red Male Fraser Valley Regional District CARE Centre
  32. 7 yr. old red female BC SPCA South Okanagan/Similkameen Branch, Penticton
  33. Young Male Doberman in Orangeville, Ontario
  34. Great Black Male Available in Virginia
  35. Moving out of the Country, need to find a home for my Dobe
  36. Young Female B&T Chilliwack BC
  37. Re-home my dog
  38. All natural B&T Male - Vancouver area.
  39. Friendly Bonded Pair-Dobie & Weimaraner
  40. Roxy in WA
  41. Rehoming my dobie cross :(
  42. blue female doberman Nelson BC
  43. Oregon Rescue
  44. Voting: Merrick food update
  45. 2 Yr old Male in Boise, ID
  46. P month old Charlie in CA in need of home Please help!
  47. Is it appropriate to pay more than an adoption fee for a rescue?
  48. Looking for young adult Dobe companion for an older giirl
  49. Need to find a good home for 7month Female Doberman in ontario canada
  50. 9 yr old male
  51. Starting a Rescue
  52. Female Doberman in BC needs a home
  53. Grand Prairie,TX to Twin Cities
  54. Starting to look for another dobe
  55. Please vote! It ends tonight at midnight and we are so close!
  56. Looking to adopt or rescue female dobe.
  57. My Foster's going to be on the News tomorrow (Denver Channel 9)
  58. Foster home needed
  59. Please vote for Saving Dobermankind
  60. 16 year old needs home
  61. Stryker at DPR of PA
  62. Chicago craigslist
  63. Colorado folks fosters needed
  64. Kane at Southern Doberman Rescue
  65. Need home for red female, NM
  66. New home for Axel
  67. Doberman Rescue in Ontario, Canada?
  68. Dallas-Twin Cities Transport 11/29!!
  69. Help with Fostering
  70. Doby need help adopt or foster
  71. A new addition (temporarily)
  72. Senior dobe in MD shelter
  73. How Can We Stop BYB Breeder Kathy Reese?
  74. Rehoming our dogs
  75. Beautiful 1.5 yo boy for adoption or foster
  76. Doberman found in Gary,IN
  77. Save Zeus
  78. craigslist ad Chicago
  79. Flash! and Fewill
  80. Flash?
  81. 2 Red Doberman Puppies
  82. Anyone in PEI, Canada need to rehome a dobe?
  83. Help Support Hand Me Down Dobes
  84. Help in Houston
  85. Angus with DPR of PA
  86. Our NEW Girl!
  87. Porter in BC would love a home
  88. Please Help Gus
  89. Male Doberman near Raleigh, NC
  90. Just found this on craigslist :(
  91. Zeus, 4yrs, needs a loving home (Georgia)
  92. Adopting out of state
  93. Dobbie in Berkley ..This is Sad
  94. SLO County Shelter Boy
  95. Goodlettsville tn 1 1/2 yr bl /tan male reg doberman needs to be rehomed
  96. WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS - Betsy and DPR of PA Need Your Help!
  97. DPCA fundraising auction
  98. Transport TEXAS TO MN
  99. Red Male in Quebec needs a home!
  100. Available Dobies for Adoption
  101. SWEET OLD girl needs a forever home ASAP!! Cornwall.ont.
  102. Graphic Pic Warning!
  103. Active Rescue in WA that can help BC dogs?
  104. older Male blk/tan Montreal SPCA, QUE.
  105. NEED Someone....Florence SC
  106. Unreal...
  107. TRANSPORT NEEDED Rescue to Rescue - Texas to Minnesota
  108. I Want a Rescue!!
  109. Male Doberman found and looking for a new home, WA state
  110. Help DPR of PA!
  111. Puppy in search of new home
  112. 7 year old Male Doberman in Hamilton, ON
  113. Long Distance Adoption???
  114. Female Black &Tan needs a home
  115. Re-homing Question
  116. Thanks to Pilots 'N Paws
  117. This poor boy NEEDS help..
  118. New foster
  119. I need to rehome my Chica...
  120. Transport Grand Prairie,TX - Minnesota
  121. LA female doberman on craigslist.
  122. Red Doberman
  123. Its raining Dobies in West Vancouver, BC..:((
  124. dobie at downey shelter..URGENT!!!
  125. Zenna needs a new home
  126. The Rewards of Doing the RIGHT Thing
  127. MommyBlaze3's "Cash" at Toledo Humane Society
  128. 1.5 year old Female Doberman in Kitchener, ON
  129. Dutchie in BC needs a home
  130. Calif. person need a GREAT agility partner?
  131. Male Doberman mix (looks pretty PB), in Collingwood, Ontario
  132. Red female in Drumbo, Ontario
  133. Young beauty in CA shelter won't do well
  134. 10 yr. old black female - Nanaimo BC
  135. senior Red Female - Abbotsford/Langley BC
  136. Spayed girl re-home in Salt Lake City
  137. Bixby Oklahoma Dobe Rescue?
  138. Handsome B/T natural ears, docked tail in Kitchener, ON
  139. Nice Red boy in Durham Region, Ontario (Foster home needed, or adoption!)
  140. Here I go Again!
  141. So Lonesome and Confused
  142. A good girl needs a home in WA
  143. Dobie Needs Home In Westchester County, NY
  144. B/T male - Abbotsford/Langley BC.
  145. B/T Male in the South Okanagan of BC.
  146. dobie cross male blk/tan in high kill facility, montreal..
  147. 2 Red male's in Quebec.
  148. Looking For Doberman....:(
  149. WA doberboy for adoption
  150. Illinois Doberman Rescue needs Meds!!
  151. 8-9 month old Female Doberman in Toronto, ON
  152. Beautiful Blue Boy in NY needs a home.
  153. Doberman in SW Missouri Shelter
  154. dobies in need of a home in eastern ONT. rescue...
  155. Senior Red Female - Ontario.
  156. Patton in Winlock, WA
  157. Red female puppy in BC
  158. Beautiful mellow dobie girl needs a forever home quick!
  159. D.A.N. FUNDRAISER - Raffle to Win 3-Night Stay in NC
  160. Introducing our "Kona"
  161. ?s for rescue
  162. Lost Dog (Dobie Mix?) DC.
  163. Red Boy 10mo Georgia
  164. DHDR of AZ Calendar
  165. Fawn male Vancouver BC
  166. Yet ANOTHER Ontario boy! Handsome B/T C/D male in Durham Region :)
  167. Natural eared, docked young male in Toronto, ON
  168. Handsome C/D Male in Toronto, ON at a shelter
  169. URGENT!!! wounded fm going to be euth. if not pulled:((
  170. Old blue girl
  171. TRANSPORT- 2 dobes Arizona to Minnesota
  172. Looking for a sweet female to add to our family
  173. BC Craigslist
  174. What A Difference 1 Week Makes
  175. 5 year old female dobie at Dogwood Rescue in Vancouver
  176. Special Needs Doberman 7th annual sale
  177. Craigslist Dobe in AZ
  178. senior Blue Female - Prince George, VA
  179. Approximately two year old male needs home
  180. One year old male, kill shelter, Texas
  181. 3 Year Old Red Female Texas
  182. 7 year old B/T boy in Toronto, ON with Wobblers :(
  183. nice red fm at Downey pound in california:((
  184. Words to encourage a BYB to call a rescue to help
  185. Black/Tan Boy in Listowel, ON
  186. Handsome Red Boy in Ontario - Must be only pet
  187. Piper the Sheltie
  188. Looking for a rescue in Miami
  189. young male red and tan.. Quebec Pound
  190. young male blk and tan Quebec Pound
  191. Please Help me Help this Beautiful girl
  192. Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue of AZ Calendar Challenge
  193. Red male boy DIES TODAY at 3:00 in N.C!!!:((
  194. Adult male in Santa Rosa, CA
  195. dobie male in Duncan Spca. B.C
  196. beautiful Red fm in Maple Ridge, B.C
  197. Pb doberman in sask. canada
  198. 3 year old Dobie in Bellingham
  199. Transport needed in Louisiana
  200. heavy heartedly need to find an amazing forever home for my Dobby (UK based)
  201. T-Shirt Fundraiser!
  202. Female Dobie needs a home!
  203. 2 Beautiful Dobies Need a New Family
  204. Captain Needs Help
  205. Trey from Rock Hill, SC
  206. "Free to a Good Home"
  207. LOST dobie in Quesnel, BC
  208. 3 year old female in BC
  209. Sending an SOS for DRAW!
  210. Houston Area Doberman Rescue- Rambo needs sight
  211. Looking for a second dobe in Oregon
  212. Please help male in NC!!
  213. Best Doberman oriented rescue?
  214. Handsome! 4 yr old black male North Carolina
  215. PHARAOH Male, Red, 5yr, Alberta
  216. AVA 6mo, B&T, Natural, Alberta
  217. Flowers to Save Dobermans - Funds Support D.A.N.!
  218. Zoe AKA Angel, black female, Vancouver BC.
  219. Max is in Las Vegas
  220. Transport people
  221. Looking for Young Female Doby to adopt
  222. Breeders Beware Please!!!
  223. Beautiful dogs-art Collar to Benefit Dobes in Need! Helps D.A.N!
  224. Apollo - NJ
  225. Male Doberman in Toronto, ON
  226. Female Doberman in Cambridge, ON
  227. Red male in Colorado Springs
  228. Opening up our home for a Dobe.
  229. LF young adult in South East
  230. Rescue Help Needed ASAP
  231. Need Help ASAP in AZ
  232. Why would a rescue lie about...
  233. Male red dobie in Montreal, PQ, Montreal SPCA Emergency Shelter
  234. Duchess has been in rescue for over a year. She needs her forever home!
  235. TRANSPORT - Gulf coast resuce to Minnesota
  236. Black /tan male Doberman for adoption
  237. Looking for a rescue
  238. Transport help- people who can help
  239. Foster Needed in PA/NJ
  240. Four Doberman mix puppies
  241. Handsome male- looks decently bred! Livingston County, Mi
  242. Can anyone help this sick boy?
  243. Free AKC Doberman, Sick, Indianapolis, Help.
  244. Update on Davy Crockett
  245. Adult female - Lacombe, AB
  246. Black female - Alberta.
  247. Lover, from WV to IN
  248. Red Male - Quebec
  249. Rescue Male Wanted
  250. Bob 4ish male in NoCal