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I've just spoken to Paul from Von Roth and am calling him back tonight when I can ask more indepth questions (gah..mobiles!). I also spoke to Tony from Von Liston yesterday...but the sire I like of his (Heatbreaker) is probably out of my league financially.

Other breeders I'm interested in are Von Forrell and Aeon ...and there was another one up in NSW that caught my eye a few months ago that I have to find again.

The thing I'm discovering is that health testing seems to be very ad hoc and selective...going more on knowledge of the lines and experience in the breed....and some of the linebreeding is a bit tighter than I currently feel confident with....but that could be highlighting my lack of knowledge/understanding of the science of it...or maybe not. I need to do a lot of research and reading!

Thanks for the link to Swan valley B...I will check it out!

Cardio seems to be the lurking evil in a lot of the lines I like and I want to avoid that at all costs if I can...but CAH is also obviously one of my stay well clear of issues too and I'm getting the feeling that it's not much tested for over here. Even when the bloodlines to pedigree databases...there's often not much info on how the dog died, which makes it hard to build up a picture of which lines are going to give me the best chance of doging those bullets.

This search is going to take ages! ...but it's also providing me a good dobermann flavoured distraction. It feels better knowing that there will be a dobe in my future (and that I'm actively working on it)...even if it's a long way off, rather than focussing on there not being a dobe here now. ...It's a bit like having a "virtual" dobe

This is Diablo....who I'm currently researching as a candidate/possibility....
Von Roth Dobermanns: Hundesport Diablo

and just because I think he's gorgeous...and if I won tattslotto I could be very tempted....scroll down for Heartbreaker...
Von Liston Dobermanns - Melbourne Australia - for security and companionship

If anyone has any knowledge of other breeders that are using Heartbreaker I'd be really interested to find out more....maybe I should plan a trip to might cost about the same as the AI breeding over here.

*sigh* I haven't even started looking at maternal lines yet and the enormity of this task is starting to dawn on me.

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